Doping in dogs

Doping in dogs

Doping is an unknown activity in the canine universe but is nonetheless real. It is really bad for health and we don’t advise it. We think that whether it is for humans or dogs, the muscle-building process must be natural. Dangerous and useless, doping your dog can do nothing but harm your pet.

Does doping exist in dogs?

Doping exists in the canine universe, especially when we talk about competitions. Dog doping began with sled dogs and spread among greyhounds and agility rounds. Less famous than human doping, dog doping exists, but it is absolutely not tolerated.

Is doping my dog forbidden?

It is totally forbidden to dope your dog, and vets are here during big competitions to fight doping in dogs. Sanctions can be very severe, from simple suspension to pure and complete expulsion of the dog and owner.

The dangers of doping

Dog doping is forbidden because it is a use considered as cheating but also dangerous for the dog. Each doping product can trigger infections and septicaemia if it is injected in a bad way. The dog can develop an abnormal musculature that in the long run may result in heart problems. In the short run, dogs may stop feeling their normal eating and drinking urges and become dehydrated.

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