6 reasons to adopt a shelter dog

6 reasons to adopt a shelter dog

Many people are reluctant to the idea of adopting a shelter dog for numerous reasons. The dog could be aggressive or fearful; he could have been subjected to bad treatment; or, perhaps, you take issue with the fact that he isn’t a purebred. However, many of these points are merely misconceptions. For example, you could very well find a purebred at a shelter. Here are six reasons to strongly consider the option of adoption.

1. Saving a life

In a number of shelters, open spots are rare to come by due to overcrowding. Many shelters often don’t have any choice but to resort to euthanizing dogs, as they are too short on resources to care for each and every one. Adopting a shelter dog saves the life of such dogs.

2. Giving the dog a loving second chance

Even if volunteers do what they can, it’s difficult to dedicate enough love and time to all the dogs in a shelter, and thus take care of them in the way that they deserve. When you adopt a shelter dog, you are giving him the reassurance of being loved and cherished by a family.

3. You are adopting a healthy dog

Contrary to what one might believe, shelter dogs are cared for, neutered or spayed, wormed, and up to date in their vaccinations. Therefore, you are guaranteed to have a healthy dog that has already been seen by a veterinarian. No unwanted medical surprises!

4. You’re not funding animal trafficking

Some dogs are illegally imported into France. Remember, animal trafficking is highly dangerous and still very common throughout Europe. Many of the animals that come in via trafficking have been abused and treated as objects. By adopting a shelter dog, you are helping to curb some of the destruction caused by this terrible practice.

5. You’re allowing the shelter to take in a new dog

Adopting a shelter dog opens up a spot, thus allowing them to take in a new dog. This allows the dog to be fed, receive care, and with a little luck, be adopted by a new family. It’s an extra life saved.

6. You’re adopting a trained dog

Contrary to popular opinion, a lot of shelter dogs behave quite normally, as they have already lived with a family. The majority of them are already house trained and have received basic education. Moreover, if the dog presents an abnormal behavior, some shelters call on trainers or veterinary behaviorists to resolve the dog’s behavioral problems.

So stop hesitating and choose the option of adoption. You’re contributing in a big way to the well-being of the dog species as a whole!

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