5 Dog-Friendly Cities in Europe

5 Dog-Friendly Cities in Europe

There are some cities that are more welcoming to dogs than others. They are what we more commonly refer to as “dog-friendly” cities. This may seem subjective, though it’s clear that some cities do more than others to include our canine friends in our every day lives.  But how can we know if a city is more dog-friendly than another? First, we can take a close look at what the city has put in place to improve the daily lives of dogs, including facilities, as well as their perceived behavior towards dogs.

Here are 5 dog-friendly cities in France and elsewhere.


An ideal city for dogs and their owners, Bordeaux offers many advantages. Dogs on leashes are authorized on all public transit, and many hotels happily welcome them as well. You can enjoy long walks along the left bank or the right bank of the river. Bordeaux welcomes both you and your four-legged companion with open arms.


A real paradise for dogs, Toulouse features many accessible dog parks. Around thirty sites for canines are available for both dogs and their owners. Perfect for letting off steam and taking advantage of the outdoors, dog parks allow your dog to enjoy nature in a secured area, created especially for him and his friends.


A large and particularly green city, Lyon presents a lot of benefits for dogs and offers many possible outings. The Tête d’Or Park is the most well known, but there are numerous places for you to walk your dog in Lyon and its surroundings. Many dog sitters also offer their services in Lyon, which is ideal for when your dog has been penned up inside too long. And don’t hesitate to take part in canicross events, which are found all around the Lyon area.


If you have the opportunity to spend time in Avignon, there’s a must-see place for your dog: the Chico Mendes park. It offers no less than 20,000 square feet (2,000 square meters) reserved for dogs and their owners. An ideal spot for burning energy and playing, the Cani’Parc also enables your dog to test himself on an athletic agility course.

Nevertheless, other parks don’t allow dogs, even when on a leash. We can’t always win!


Dog-friendly cities aren’t only limited to France, and Berlin is good proof of that. Germany is well known for being a welcoming country towards dogs in general, but Berlin in particular has numerous places dedicated to our four-legged friends.

With a number of parks at your disposal, and a dog-friendly public transit, it’s a great opportunity for owners to see new places and bring their animals along.

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