Our Start-up – Jagger & Lewis

Jagger & Lewis is a French startup dedicated to improving households through the conception and production of connected objects. Our first product is a connected collar designed to improve the quality of life for our canine companions. 

Founded by Alexandre Delille, the company today consists of 14 talented and energetic team members.

The motivation to create Jagger & Lewis sprouted from a shared ideal: helping peace-of-mind and well-being to flourish in everyday life.

Through developing the Jagger & Lewis connected collar, our team has united around a common passion: dogs! The first connected object designed to improve the quality of life for dogs, our smart collar enables members of the household to better understand their canine cohabitants and live harmoniously together.

We are a diverse group of different personalities and skill sets, working every day toward the creation and promotion of a product that will bring greater well-being, tranquility, and innovation to dog-friendly households everywhere.

From veterinarians to engineers to community managers, each member of the team adds their own unique touch of professional excellence to the process of delivering you a superior product.

We invent technological devices and services for a simpler, richer, and more enjoyable day-to-day...

Our playground knows no bounds.


Enthusiastic, convinced, daring!

Alexandre Delille

CEO - Co-Founder

Engineer become Serial Entrepreneur, Alex monitors Jagger & Lewis' growth and coordinates the product development.

Claude Béata

Partner - Veterinarian Behaviorist

Partner in charge of R&D, Claude brings to Jagger & Lewis his expertise: it is crucial to understand dogs and their owners' needs.

Yann Puslecki

Partner - CMO

Marketing, communication, business… My goal is to always give the right direction and to accompany the team daily, so they can give the best of themselves day after day. The most important thing being that everyone love what they do.
My little extra: I am a cake frostings expert.

Joanna Lees


Veterinarian passionate about the behaviour of our four-legged friends, I dedicate myself to placing the animals’ welfare at the center of my job.wbr> My little extra: fluent in Spanish, I love Spain, sun and theatre.

Cyril Héringhuel

R&D Engineer

My curiosity for logic and consistency instilled in me a strong passion for electronics! Conceiving tomorrow is a real calling for me !
My little extra: I bet you can’t jump higher than me…

Jérôme Dondeyne

Technical Project Manager

Keen on computer science, I love to take up challenges and try to reach perfection.
My little extra: you’ll never beat me at strategy games !

Léo Mazier

Android Developer

Anne Laure Le Maître

Signal Processing Engineer

Young dynamic engineer, I put my analytical abilities at the service of Jagger & Lewis. Apart of that, I love discovering new things, exploring unknown fields and traveling the world.
My little extra: Breton at heart, not a day goes by when I don’t miss my region’s famous crepes.

Quang Vinh Nguyen

Signal Processing Engineer

Fascinated by nature and animals, I love the fact that my job combines health & technology: I can dedicate myself both to human beings and animals.
My little extra: I come from Vietnam but my favourite football team is Brasil!

Maxime Sauvage

iOS & Android developer

Since mobile technologies and connected devices are my tricks, I set up the mobile application allowing the user to interact with the connected objects.
My little extra: I dream every night that I actually am Magneto from Xmen.

Justine Jungelson

Communication Manager

Brilliant and curious communication manager, I combine my passion for digital, new technologies and web to give Jagger & Lewis the greatest possible visibility!
My little extra: when I am not in front of screens, I am behind the stoves!

Justine Levasseur

Graphic Designer

Each day, I adapt the Jagger & Lewis identity on multiple platforms: mobile application, packaging, calling cards… Fond of art, I love pretty much everything that uses image to tell a story.
My little extra: did you know that I was Italian in a previous life?

Join us!


"We are incredibly proud to be working with Jagger & Lewis. As a start up, they have put boundless energy, imagination and creativity into developing the connected collar"

Richard Curtin,
Director of Strategic Alliances at Premier Farnell



For the past year, our team has been working hard to imagine and produce the highest-performing smart dog collar for everyday consumers.

Patented intelligence, advanced technology, exceptional design—each aspect is carefully thought through by our team in order to deliver the best product possible. Each stage of creation requires ample time, reflection, and perfect precision.

It's for these reasons that our product has gone through so many stages of development and improvement, and has as a result undergone a quick and impressive evolution. See for yourself today!





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