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Days pass by, and it is the same for your dog.  Do you know if your dog can be considered as senior? What does it imply for him/her? What are the signs you must pay attention to when your dog gets old? Do you know how to follow-up your female dog’s potential mammary tumors? Do

How to detect the dog anxiety?

Tuesday, 07 February 2017 by
Hello there! What are the signs of anxiety ? How to detect the anxiety when I am not with my dog ? Joanna, our vet, answer to this questions on Facebook! To see the replay of her interview, just go to our Facebook    

Vet testimonial

Tuesday, 31 January 2017 by
The Jagger & Lewis smart collar device also assists vets in understanding your dog’s behavior away from the vet’s surgery. Simply share the behavior report with them via the smartphone app, and they will have access to information about your dog’s behavior over a given period that can aid them in making the right diagnosis
This weekend, it is Christmas, finally! For us that means family, friends (furry and non-furry), a Christmas tree with all the decorations, gifts and… overindulgence! Whether it’s drinks or food, it’s hard to escape the delicious temptations all around you, but you must make sure your dog isn’t tempted too. It’s normal to give them treats

Controversial dog accessories

Thursday, 17 November 2016 by
The majority of accessories for dogs are developed in such a way that the dog grows and lives in a pleasant and intelligent manner. On the other hand, not all dog accessories are like this and are often not recommended for a dog’s education. Jagger & Lewis breaks down these controversial accessories and their alternatives
Dog sports have been increasing in popularity, providing owners with more opportunities to spend time with our dogs outdoors and to stay active. Among the most popular and most practiced sports is Canicross. Practiced all over France and accessible to all, Canicross can be enjoyed to your heart’s content! What is Canicross? Over the last