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This weekend, it is Christmas, finally! For us that means family, friends (furry and non-furry), a Christmas tree with all the decorations, gifts and…overindulgence! Whether it’s drinks or food, it’s hard to escape the delicious temptations all around you, but you must make sure your dog isn’t tempted too. It’s normal to give them treats and

Controversial dog accessories

Thursday, 17 November 2016 by
The majority of accessories for dogs are developed in such a way that the dog grows and lives in a pleasant and intelligent manner. On the other hand, not all dog accessories are like this and are often not recommended for a dog’s education. Jagger & Lewis breaks down these controversial accessories and their alternatives
Dog sports have been increasing in popularity, providing owners with more opportunities to spend time with our dogs outdoors and to stay active. Among the most popular and most practiced sports is Canicross. Practiced all over France and accessible to all, Canicross can be enjoyed to your heart’s content! What is Canicross? Over the last
At every adoption, the very important topic of neutering arises. Whether it be for a puppy or an adult dog, it is essential to ask the right questions concerning neutering and to have all the necessary information before carrying out this procedure. Neutering can have both positive and negative effects on the dog. This is

6 reasons to adopt a shelter dog

Wednesday, 16 November 2016 by
Many people are reluctant to the idea of adopting a shelter dog for numerous reasons. The dog could be aggressive or fearful; he could have been subjected to bad treatment; or, perhaps, you take issue with the fact that he isn’t a purebred. However, many of these points are merely misconceptions. For example, you could
Your dog mostly eats dry food, wet food, or a mix of both, but it’s possible that you may sometimes give him food that wasn’t made for dogs. Some types of food that we eat are safe for our dogs, but others are best avoided or excluded altogether from your dog’s diet.  Onions: Onions are very


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